Can wearing a waist trainer cause miscarriage in early pregnancy

Can wearing a waist trainer cause miscarriage in early pregnancy

Can I wear a waist trainer during early pregnancy? During pregnancy by using the waist trainer can be quite dangerous. Waist trainer creates a high compression to reduce the abdomen, waistline and stomach. Any kind of pressure on the abdomen of pregnant women causes problems in pregnancy. Using waist trainer during pregnancy can be very … Read more

5 Months Of Pregnancy | Know The Symptoms, Diet & Exercises

5 Months Of Pregnancy

Congratulations Mums-To-Be! The 5th Month Of Your Pregnancy Has Come And You’re Halfway There! Your Baby Is Rapidly Growing And You Must Be Patient While Waiting For The Birth Of Your Baby. To Accommodate The Growing Infant And Making Some Room, Your Body Will Keep Undergoing Many Changes. Though The Body Of Each Mom-To-Be Changes … Read more

All you want to know about 8 month pregnancy

about 8-month pregnancy

Being pregnant for a woman is a thing of pride. A woman considers being pregnant as a noble thing, as this is giving birth to a new life. Women consider this as a thing of their dignity. When the first time any female gets pregnant only things she has in her mind are how things … Read more

2 Month Pregnancy Diet Food, Exercise, Symptoms

2 Month Pregnancy

Most Of The Women Can Experience The 2-Month Pregnancy Just Through Nausea And Fatigue. The Hormonal Setting, Which Baby Wants To Grow, Will Adversely Affect You As You Can See Visible And Subtle Changes Both Physically And Psychologically.  When You Are In The First Trimester, You Need To Keep In Mind That This Discomfort Is Only … Read more

Know The 3 Month Pregnancy Diet Food, Exercise, Symptoms


Pregnancy Is The Most Beautiful Period In All Women’s Life. The Emergence Of A New Life In The Womb Of A Woman Is The Best Experience For A Woman. 3 Month Marks The Beginning Of The Second Trimester Of The Pregnancy Cycle. It Is The Most Precious Time Of A Woman’s Life. She Needs To … Read more

Everything About 6 Month Pregnancy

6-Month Pregnancy

For A Woman Getting Married And Then Getting The Opportunity Of Being A Mother Is One Of The Most Wonderful Things In The World. It Is Also Said That When A Woman Becomes A Woman When She Gives Birth To A Child. Getting Pregnant Is Such An Important Event In Any Girl’s Life. Having Another … Read more

Gain Weight During Pregnancy, Make Your Pregnancy Days Beautiful & Healthy

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

During Pregnancy, All Should Take A Healthy And Balanced Diet That Will Help Your Baby To Get Nutrients. Most Probably You Should All Follow The Doctor’s Instruction But Weight Gain During Pregnancy Is Good For Both The Mother And The Baby. You Should Also Plan A Perfect Meal That Has Vegetables And Fruits That Are Rich … Read more

How To Take Pregnancy Test At Home Using Natural Remedies

Pregnancy Test

The Most Delightful Feeling For Many Women Is Becoming A Mother. The First Sign To Indicate Pregnancy Is A Missed Period. Even Though We Have Many Test Kits Readily Available In The Market, The Majority Of Women Have Been Using Home-Based Pregnancy Kits For Decades. As These Kits Are Based On Human Remedies, They Can … Read more