Gain Weight During Pregnancy, Make Your Pregnancy Days Beautiful & Healthy

During Pregnancy, All Should Take A Healthy And Balanced Diet That Will Help Your Baby To Get Nutrients. Most Probably You Should All Follow The Doctor’s Instruction But Weight Gain During Pregnancy Is Good For Both The Mother And The Baby. You Should Also Plan A Perfect Meal That Has Vegetables And Fruits That Are Rich In Color And Fiber.

Above 300 Calories Is Needed For The Pregnant Lady In A Day. These Calories Will Help The Pregnant Lady To Gain Weight During Pregnancy And Physical Activities Will Also Help. If Doing Physical Activity Is A Little Bit Tough You Can Walk As Much You Can. Gaining More Weight Will Make An Increasing Risk Of Gestational Diabetes But Staying In The Correct Weight Will Give You The Beautiful Pregnancy Days.

The Stable Weight That Every Pregnant Lady Should Possess:

A Weight Survey Of Pregnant Ladies Told That During Pregnancy The Average Weighed Lady Will Gain 25 To 35 Pounds Of Weight After Becoming Pregnant. Underweight Pregnant Ladies Will Gain 28 To 40 Pounds. Overweight Pregnant Ladies May Gain 15 To 25 Pounds Of Weight.

When You Are Underweight Before Pregnancy, Sure You Need To Increase Your Weight. Without Your Weight, Your Baby May Bear Smaller Than Your Expectation. The Newborn Baby Must Weigh In At 7 To 8 Pounds. Pregnant Ladies Should Avoid Fatty, Sugary Food, And Drinks To Weight Gain During Pregnancy.

Vitamins That Are Needed During Pregnancy:

All Pregnant Ladies Will Have The Doubt That, What Type Of Vitamins Should Be The Intake For The Health Of The Baby. This Additional Nutrition Will Give Extra Stamina For Baby And Mother. Weight Gain During Pregnancy Should Contain All These Vitamins Below,


Choline Is One Of The Most Important Vitamins That Help In The Development Of The Baby’s Brain. The Foods That Contain Choline Content Are Egg Yolk, Mushroom, Beef Liver, Kidney Beans, And Soya Beans.

Folic Acid:

This Folic Acid Helps On The Formation Of New Blood Cells And This Acid Helps In The Production Of Signals In The Nervous System. This Also Helps In DNA Production. This Acid Can Be Obtained From Cooked Green Leafy Vegetables, Fortified Cereal, Avocado, Citrus Fruits, Northern Beans, And Asparagus.

Pantothenic Acid (B-5):

Pantothenic Acid Will Help In The Metabolic Activities In Our Body. This Pantothenic Acid Will Present In Meat, Whole Grains, Egg Yolk, Broccoli, And Potatoes.

Thiamine (B-1):

This Acid Will Help In The Development Of The Brain, Heart, And Nervous System And It Will Improve The Metabolism In Our Body.

Riboflavin (B-2):

This Vitamin Will Help In The Development And Growth Of The Baby And This Is Very Important For The Breastfeeding Mother. This Will Be Found In Milk, Dairy Products, Soya Beans, Pork, And Grains.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A Will Help In The Growth Of Cell And It Will Help In The Development Of Eyes, Skin, And Blood As It Increases The Immunity System And It Acts As A Resistant To Infection.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid):

Vitamin C Will Fulfil The Daily Requirements Of Our Body And This Can Be Obtained From Foods Like Fruits And Veggies, Bell Pepper, Berries, And Citrus Fruits.

Vitamin D:

We All Know That We Can Obtain Vitamin Din Response To Sunlight. This Vitamin Is Also Found In Fish Liver Oil. This Vitamin Will Play A Vital Role In Pregnant Ladies And Growing Children.

Is Gaining Weight Is Important During Pregnancy?

We All Know That The Best Part Of Pregnancy Time Is A Healthy Weight. But Gaining More Weight Will Lead To Some Danger Or Harm To The Baby. Don’t Try To Lose Weight During Pregnancy Time If You Are At An Average Weight. For The Support, Development, And Growth Of The Baby Needs 300 Extra Calories Per Day.

Gaining The Right Amount Of Weight During Pregnancy Can Help You To Increase The Health Of Both The Mother And Baby. If The Pregnant Lady Gains Only Little Weight During Pregnancy It Will Lead To A Premature Baby. A Premature Baby Means The Baby Will Bear Too Earlier Before 37 Weeks.

The Weight Gaining During Pregnancy Period Is Based On Your Health And Your Body Mass Index (BIM). BIM Is The Measurement Of Fat Using Height And Weight. The Entire Health Care Provider Will Use This BIM To Figure Out How Much Weight You Should Possess Before Pregnancy. So, Having The Correct Weight Is Important During Pregnancy.

Significance Of Drinking Water During Pregnancy:

Pregnancy Is Not A Matter If You Want To Stay Healthy. Our Bodies And Our Organs Need Water To Work Spontaneously. But During Pregnancy, Your Body Needs More Water Than Before. You Should Stay Hydrated During Pregnancy. Dehydration During Pregnancy Can Cause Headaches, Cramps, Dizziness, Etc.

Drinking Water During Pregnancy Also Reduces Urinary Infection And This Is The Most Common Disturbance During Pregnancy. Drinking Water Will Reduce The Risk Of Infection And Weight Gain During Pregnancy. Drinking Water Will Keep Your Temperature Normal During Hot And Humid Days.

Every Pregnant Lady Should Drink Above 3 Litres Of Water Every Day. That Is 8 To 12 Glasses Of Water. Every Drop Of Water Will Help And Ensure A Healthy Pregnancy. Especially In Summer, Pregnant Ladies Should Drink More Water. Don’t Hesitate To Drink Water Because It Will Help To Hydrate Your Water.

Healthy Weight During Pregnancy:

Gaining A Healthy Weight During Pregnancy Is One Of The Most Important Things For The Growth And Development Of The Baby. All Might Think That Gaining Weight During Pregnancy Is One Of The Toughest Jobs But It Is Not Like That. More Women Can Easily Gain A Healthy Weight During Pregnancy.

Weight Gain Not Fully Depends On A Healthy Diet But Also Depends On Genetics, Metabolism, Activity Level, Calories, And Environment. If The Pregnant Lady Is Healthy, She Can Gain 3kg Of Weight In The First Trimester Of Pregnancy.

All The Doctors Will Advise The Pregnant Lady To Intake 340 Calories Per Day During The Second Trimester. In The Third Trimester, They Advise Intaking 450 Extra Calories For A Day. Pregnant Ladies Should Take Six Small Meals Throughout The Day And Avoid Eating Junk Food To Weight Gain During Pregnancy.


Congratulations On Having A Baby! Weight Gain During Pregnancy Is One Of The Easy Ways Once You Follow These Above Methods. These Steps Will Seem Difficult At First, But You Will Gain The Essential Weight During Pregnancy Without Any Worries!

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