Three Secret Natural Ways To A Smooth Face

Most People Who Are Struggling With Acne Have Probably Tried All Sorts Of Medication And Spend A Fortune On Medication That Could Have Left Them With Adverse Side Effects Which Include Dry Skin Discoloration And Irritation Not To Mention A Dent On Ones Pocket.

Mother Nature Has Provided Us With A Natural Ingredient That Solves The Acne Once And For All And Leaving The Skin Glowing And Healthy.

Honey Not Only Nourishes And Soothes The Skin, But It Has Anti-Bacterial And Hydrating Properties That Rejuvenates It And Reduces Blemishes. So Honey One Ingredient That Is Healthy To Eat, And A Great Solution For Beauty Problems.

This Article Will Give 3 Steps That Will Guarantee A Soft, Smooth And Glowing Skin

But Before Going To The Steps There Is Need To Understand What Brings About Acne, And How Honey Comes In To Use. Acne Occurs When The Hair Follicles Become Plugged With Oil And Dead Skin Cells. Hair Follicles Are Connected To Sebaceous Glands.

These Glands Secrete An Oily Substance Known As Sebum To Lubricate The Skin. Sebum Normally Travels Up Along The Hair Shafts And Then Out Through The Openings Of The Hair Follicles Onto The Surface Of The Skin.

When The Body Produces An Excess Amount Of Sebum And Dead Skin Cells, The Two Can Build Up In The Hair Follicles And Form Together As A Soft Plug, Creating An Environment Where Bacteria Can Thrive.

This Plug May Cause The Follicle Wall To Bulge And Produce A Pimple. Pimples Are Raised Red Spots With A White Center That Develop When Blocked Hair Follicles Become Inflamed Or Infected. And Thats

Where Honey Comes In With Its Anti-Bacterial Benefit. Honey Is A Good Cleanser For Skin. It Soak Ups Impurities From The Pores Of The Skin, Leaving The Skin Clear And Clean.

Here Are 3 Steps That Will Guarantee A Glowing Skin In Just A Few Days:

1) Honey Mask

The Bees Excellent Solution To Acne. Honey Its Not Only Beneficial To Our Heath But Clears Skin Problems And Its Very Affordable.
This How To Make A Face Mask Using Honey:
Honey-Apple Face Mask
What Is Needed;
1 Apple
1 Teaspoon Of Honey
What You Need To Do:
I) Blend The Apple And Honey
Apply Mixture On Face And Allow It To Stay On For 15 Minutes Then Rinse With Warm Water.

2. Honey-Almond Face Scrub

Whats Needed;
2 Tablespoons Of Honey
4 Tablespoons Of Dry Oatmeal
2 Tablespoons Ground Almonds
1 Lemon

This Is What To Do:
I) Mix All The Dry Ingredients In
A Jar And Add Some Lemon
Juice And Stir.
Massage Mixture On The Face, And Then Rinse With Warm Water. This Blend Gives A Deeply
Emollient Cleansing To The Pores On The Face. Oats And Almonds Are Excellent Softening Exfoliates

3.Honey-Cucumber Toner

Whats Needed;
1 Cucumber
2 Tablespoons Of Honey
This Is What To Do:

1) Puree The Cucumber In
Blender & Strain To Collect
The Juice
2) Add 2 Tablespoons Of
Honey And Mix.
3) Pour Mixture Into A
Storage Container.
4) Apply On The Face And Neck Area With Cotton Wool/Pad In The Morning And Evening. Air Dry It And Rinse Clean. Keeps In Fridge For Up-To One Week

These Few Tips If Followed Regularly Will Solve The Acne Problem In Just A Few Weeks Leaving One With A Healthy,Smooth And A Glowing Skin.

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