Some Tips Which Will Ensure You A Powerful Immune System

The Current Situation Of The World Is Horrific, Coronavirus Has Become A Global Pandemic. The Novel Coronavirus Is Infecting Millions Of People All Over The Globe And It Has Taken The Lives Of Thousands Of People To Date.

Scientists Are Still Not Able To Find Any Medicine Or Vaccine For Coronavirus To Date. The Only Thing We Can Do To Prevent Ourselves From Coronavirus Is To Practice Social Distancing, Wearing Masks In Public, And Increase Our Immunity Power By Natural Methods.

Apart From Prevention From Coronavirus, Increasing Your Immunity Power Is Also Beneficial In Many Ways Or Scenarios. Having Great Immunity Would Surely Prevent You From Many Other Diseases.

If You Are Blessed With A Powerful Immunity You Will Feel More Strong, Fresh, And Healthy Physically As Well As Mentally.

What Is Immunity?

It Is The Natural Defense Of The Body Against Microorganisms And Pathogens Which Are Harmful To Our Body. The Immune System Of Our Body Kills The Pathogen As Soon As It Enters Your Body So That It Cannot Harm Us.

In This Way, Our Immunity System Prevents Us From Innumerable Diseases Every Day. After Knowing The Benefits Of The Immunity System You Must Be Very Curious Now To Know How To Increase Immunity.

Causes Of Bad Immunity

After Knowing All Of These Benefits, Who Will Not Want To Have Good Immunity? But Unfortunately, It Isn’t That Easy Because Of Our Current Lifestyle.

Our Current Lifestyle Has Degraded Our Immunity Power. Eating Unhealthy Foods Instead Of Fibrous Fruits, Having Irregular Sleep Cycles, And Not Being Physically Active.

If You Are The Type Of Guy Who Rarely Does Any Physical Exercise, Then There Are Great Chances That You Will Suffer From Weak Immunity Later On.

So What’s The Solution I’m Sure You Must Be Thinking Now How To Increase Immunity Power. Don’t Worry, In This Article, I Will Talk About All The Natural And Healthy Ways Through Which Not Only Can You Increase Your Immunity Power But It Will Also Boost Your Inner Strength And Satisfaction.

How To Increase Immunity Power?

With The Help Of A Few Changes In Your Busy Lifestyle, Adapt A Few Things, And Add A Few Things To Your Plate. You Will Be Soon Equipped With Powerful Immunity.

Here In This Article, I Will Suggest 9 Natural Ways Through Which You Will Be Able To Boost Your Immunity.

Have Proper Sleep

One Of The Most Basic And Simple Rules, But Also The Most Effective One. When We Sleep Our Body Is In Rest Mode And Preparing Itself For Further Work.

Our Body Was Building Antibodies And Many Cells That Are Directly Involved In Immunity. In Short, We Can Say That Sleep And Immunity Are Connected For Sure.

According To Some Research, Lack Of Proper Sleep Can Be The Reason For Your Sickness And Bad Health. People Who Tend To Have A Poor Quality Of Sleep Are More Likely To Fall Sick.

Recently A Study Was Conducted In Which It Was Observed That The People Who Slept Less Than 6 Hours Caught A Common Cold More Easily. On The Other Hand, People Who Slept For More Than 6 Hours Do Not Tend To Catch A Common Cold That Easily

From These Facts, We Can Easily Sense That Having Proper Sleep And Maintaining Your Sleep Cycle Would Boost Your Immunity For Sure. If You Are Not Feeling Well Then You Must Sleep More At That Time, Which Will Help Your Body To Fight The Sickness More Effectively.

According To Medical Professionals, Adults Should Sleep At Least 7 Hours To Have Better Immunity, Teenagers Should Sleep For Around 8-9 Hours And The Kids Should Sleep More Than 12 Hours.

Due To Our Daily Lifestyle, Many Of Us Are Not Able To Get Proper Sleep. We Tend To Use Our Smartphones Until Late At Night, Which Affects Our Sleep Cycle. The Blue Light Coming From The Screen Of Our Smartphone Causes Insomnia In Many People.

If You Are Also Facing These Problems, Then You Should Turn Off Your Smartphone Before 1 Hour Of Going To Bed. Don’t Scroll Your Social Media Before Going To Bed. Reading A Book Before Sleeping Would Be Beneficial. Try To Sleep In A Dark Room With No Lights Turned On.

Following These Tips Would Help You To Have Better Sleep. Now You Have To Know The First Step Of How To Increase Immunity Power. Now Let’s Move To Another One.

Adding Vegetables And Plant Foods In Your Plate

Fruits And Vegetables Are The Rich And Very Good Sources Of Vital Nutrients Which Are Very Necessary For Our Body. These Vital Nutrients Give Our Body The Power To Fight Against Harmful Pathogens And Microorganisms.

The Vegetables And Fruits Contain Such Antibodies Which Are Capable Of Reducing Inflammation By Neutralizing The Free Radicals Present In Our Body.

If These Inflammations Continue For A Long Time, Then It Can Cause Many Serious Health Issues Like Diseases Related To Heart And A Few Types Of Cancers Also.

According To Medical Researches, Vegetables And Fruits Contain Such Fibers That Nourish The Good Bacteria In Our Intestines. These Good Bacteria Can Improve Our Immunity Power Up To A Noticeable Level.

These Bacteria Restrict The Entry Of Harmful Microorganisms Into Our Bodies. Apart From These Benefits, Fruits And Vegetables Are Highly Rich In Vitamin C Also Which Has Been Scientifically Proven To Protect The Body From The Common Cold.

Introduce Some Quantity Of Good Fat In Your Daily Diet

It Has Been Scientifically Proven That Good Fat, Which Is Generally Present In Many Oils Like Olive Oil Is Capable Of Increasing Our Immunity Power And Keeping Microorganisms Away From Our Body By Reducing The Inflammation.

Generally, Inflammations Are Caused Due To An Injury Caused By An Accident Or Due To Heavy Stress. But These Inflammations Can Reduce The Immunity Power Of Our Body And We Would Not Even Have An Idea Of That.

According To The Doctors And Medical Professionals, An Omega-3 Fatty Acid Present In Olive Oil Is The Best Fat, Which Is Effective In Reducing Inflammation In Our Body.

By Doing This It Not Only Helps Our Body To Keep Away From Harmful Microorganisms, But It Also Prevents Us From Many Heart And Liver Diseases. So It’s Highly Recommended To Add Olive Oil In Your Diet For A Better And Healthy Life.

Have Probiotics By The Suggestion Of Any Medical Professional

Probiotics Mean Good Bacteria Or The Bacteria Which Are Helpful For Our Body Rather Than Causing Disease In Our Body. Probiotics Are Helpful For Us In Many Ways. So Why Shouldn’t You Add Probiotics To Your Daily Life? Apart From Medicines That Contain Probiotics, There Are Some Natural Ways Also From Which You Can Have Good Bacteria.

Fermented Food Items Are Believed To Contain High Amounts Of Good Bacteria. Having Fermented Food In Your Diet Would Increase The Number Of Good Bacteria In Your Gastrointestinal Tract. Some Of These Foods Are Yogurt And Kimchi. These Are Very Good In Taste As Well As Healthy Also.

Many Medical Reports State That Having A Good Number Of Good Bacteria In Your Intestines Will Help Your Immune System To Quickly Identify The Harmful Pathogens. Our Immune System Will Easily Keep Away The Healthy Cells From The Deadly Pathogens.

Recently A Study Was Conducted In Which A Group Of Children Was Given Yogurt And A Group Of Children Was Not Given Yogurt. After A Few Weeks, Scientists Saw That The Group Of Children Who Had Yogurt In Their Diet Has Less Chance Of Falling Ill In Comparison To Those Who Don’t Have Yogurt In Their Diet.

So If You Don’t Eat Yogurt, You Have The Option Of Taking Probiotics As Well. I Think We Have Reached Out Half Of This Article Now, And You Have Gotten Many Of Your Doubts Cleared Regarding How To Increase Immunity. Let’s Move On To The New Tip Now.

Reduce Your Sugar Consumption

We All Have Habits Of Eating Sugar Products. Who Doesn’t Loves Ice Creams, Toffee, And Chocolates? We All Are Crazy About These Things Especially Things.

On The Other Hand, Adults Are Obsessed With Tea And Coffee. Tea With Extra Sugar Is Common In Many Countries. But We Must Know That Regardless Of How Tasty They Are, But They Are Not Good For Our Health At All. Extra Sugar Can Be The Major Reason For Heart Problems, Laziness, And Overweight Issues.

Being Overweight Increases The Chance Of Getting Sick More Easily If Compared To Other People. There Is Scientific Evidence Regarding This Fact, There Have Been Many Studies Conducted That Proves This Point.

A Study Was Conducted According To The Result Of That Study. The People Who Are Overweight And Lazy Tend To Catch Flu Infection Even After Having Vaccines At An Early Age. See How Seriously This Affects Your Health And Immunity. So If You Are Thinking About How To Increase Immunity Power, You Must Reduce Your Sugar Intake.

Reducing Sugar From Your Diet Will Also Reduce The Inflammation In Your Blood Vessels And Will Help You In Losing Weight Also. There Would Be Little Chance Of Getting Diabetes Mellitus As Well.

See There Are Multiple Benefits Of Having Less Sugar In Your Diet. According To The Dieticians, You Should Only Have 2 Tablespoons Of Sugar Every Day Not More Than That.

Have Some Physical Exercise Or Yoga

Being Physically Active Will Surely Boost Your Immunity. Here Exercise Doesn’t Mean Heavy Weight Lifting And Gym. Exercise Can Be As Simple As Running Or Having A 20-Minute Walk Every Morning.

Having A Morning Walk Can Improve Your Blood Circulation, Mental Health, And Will Make Your Immune System More Powerful To Fight Microorganisms. There Have Been Many Studies Conducted Which Show That Being Physically Active Will Improve The Power Of Vaccines Up To A Higher Extent.

So What Are You Waiting For, Go, And Wear Your Tracksuit? Be Ready For Some Exercise.

Drink At Least 8 Glass Of Water

Drinking A Required Amount Of Water And Being Hydrated Is Necessary For All Of Us. There Are Many Benefits Of Drinking 8 Glasses Of Water And Being Properly Hydrated.

On The Other Hand Not Drinking Enough Water Can Affect Your Health In Many Ways Like Giving You Several Headaches, Lack Of Concentration, Lack Of Consciousness, And Having Digestion Issues As Well.

Having These Problems Will Not Only Suppress Your Immune System And Will Increase Your Chances Of Falling Sick Also. According To The Doctors, One Should Drink That Much Water So That Their Urine Is Always Pale Yellow.

Water Flushes Toxic Materials From Our Body And Helps Our Body To Get Rid Of Them. Water Is Calorie-Free So You Won’t Have To Worry About Calories And You Can Drink As Much Water You Want. Drink Water Whenever You Feel Thirsty, And Stop Drinking When You Are Not Feeling Thirsty.

Keep Your Mind Away From Stress

Having Mental Peace And Reducing Stress Is Interconnected With A Better Immune System. Scientists Say That Long Term Stress And Anxiety Can Cause Less Production Of Antibodies In Our Body. Practice Those Things Which Can Help You To Reduce Your Stress Such As Spending Time With Your Friends, Family, And Neighbors.

Social Interaction Can Reduce Stress. You Can Also Join Yoga Sessions, Connect Yourself With Nature. Breathing Some Clean Air Can Reduce Your Stress And Will Cause The Release Of Hormones Like Dopamine And Serotonin. These Hormones Are Considered As Happiness Hormones.

There’s A Simple Rule The More You Will Be Happy The More Healthy You Will Be.


We Have Already Discussed How To Increase Immunity By Introducing You To Many Scientifically Proven Tips And Advice.

By Following Them You Can Be Ensured That You Will Have A Powerful Immune System That Will Be Able To Fight Microorganisms Much Effectively And Will Prevent You From Falling Sick Easily.

Even If You Fall Sick You Would Not Take That Much Time To Recover In Comparison To Other People Who Have Not Been Following This Advice.

You Saw How Easily You Can Boost Your Immune System By Adopting Certain Things In Your Life. Hope You Will Follow All Of Them And Will Keep Yourself Always Healthy And Happy.

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