How To Take Pregnancy Test At Home Using Natural Remedies

The Most Delightful Feeling For Many Women Is Becoming A Mother. The First Sign To Indicate Pregnancy Is A Missed Period. Even Though We Have Many Test Kits Readily Available In The Market, The Majority Of Women Have Been Using Home-Based Pregnancy Kits For Decades.

As These Kits Are Based On Human Remedies, They Can Deliver You Good Results. Do You Want To Take A Pregnancy Test At Home?

Here Are A Lot Of Safe And Effective Options Available At Your Home Comfort.

They Are:

  1. Sugar Pregnancy Test
  2. Salt Pregnancy Test
  3. Toothpaste Pregnancy Test
  4. Bleach Pregnancy Test
  5. Vinegar Pregnancy Test
  6. Soap Pregnancy Test
  7. Baking Soda Pregnancy Test
  8. Wine Pregnancy Test

Are These Tests Effective And Give Any Benefits?

The Homemade Test Works By Detecting The Amount Of Pregnancy Hormone Present In The Urine. Furthermore, They Have Some Benefits From Them.

In Case You Need To Hide An Unplanned Pregnancy From Your Dear One, Homemade Remedies Are What You Need, As They Do Not Doubt Suspicions.

As Most Of The Ingredients Are Found Easily At Home, You Have No Need To Step Out. Most Importantly, You Can Use Them Safely, Because Most Of The House-Made Supplies Don’t Have An Expiry Date.

Sugar Pregnancy Test:

When There Was No Pregnancy Kit Available, People Widely Used This Method To Confirm Their Pregnancy. It Is Very Easy To Take A Pregnancy Test At Home Using Sugar.

Take A Pinch Of Sugar In A Clean Bowl And Then Add A Little Amount Of Urine You Need To Check. It’s Time To Notice The Reaction Caused By Sugar On Your Urine.

The HCG Hormone Present In The Urine Won’t Allow The Sugar Particles To Dissolve Completely And So, They Started To Form Clumps, Meaning You Are Pregnant.

Salt Pregnancy Test:

As Similar To The Sugar Test, This DIY Pregnancy Test Works But We Use Salt Here Instead Of Sugar. You Ought To Follow The Above-Mentioned Procedure

Mix The Urine And Salt In Equal Proportion And Wait For A Second

The Salt Forms A White Clumpy Layer To Give You A Positive Result. If You Cannot Able To See Such Effects, Confirm That You Aren’t Pregnant.

Toothpaste Pregnancy Test:

To Do This DIY Test, You Can Use Any Kind Of Toothpaste. However, Make Sure The Paste Is In White Colour.

Take A Small Quantity Of White Toothpaste In A Clean Container And Pour The Urine Sample To It. If The Sample Urine Contains HCG, The Toothpaste Becomes Frothy And Changes Its Colour. This Confirms Your Pregnancy.

Bleach Pregnancy Test:

Compared To Another DIY Pregnancy Test At Home, This Method Is Known To Give Quicker And The Most Accurate Result.

Collect Urine Samples In A Clean Container And Then, Add Two Tablespoons Of Bleaching Powder To It. Now Mix It Thoroughly To Avoid Lumps. You Can Confirm Your Pregnancy When The Mixture Forms A Fizz Or Foam.

If No Foam Is Seen In The Mixture, You Are Not Pregnant.

Vinegar Pregnancy Test:

You Can Check Your Pregnancy With The Help Of Vinegar. To Perform This Specific Test, You Need To Have White Vinegar In Hand.

Take A Little Quantity Of White Vinegar In A Container And Then, Pour Your Urine Sample Into It.

If The Urine Has A High Level Of Pregnancy Hormone In It, The Vinegar Will Transform It Is Colour And Form Bubbles.

Better Luck Next Time If You Cannot Experience Such Changes.

Soap Pregnancy Test:

For Doing This DIY Pregnancy Test, You Can Make Use Of Any Kind Of Bath Soaps.

Collect A Little Amount Of Urine Sample And Pour It On A Small Piece Of Bathing Soap. If The Soap Starts To Form Bubbles, You Can Confirm Your Pregnancy At Home.

Baking Soda Pregnancy Test:

Take Baking Soda And Urine Sample In Equal Parts And Mix Them. Now, You Have To See How Baking Soda Reacts With The Urine. If You Can Able To See Bubbles Is Similar To Opening A Soda Bottle, Your Pregnancy Is Confirmed Now.

Wine Pregnancy Test:

A Wine Pregnancy Test At Home Is Quite Expensive And Time-Consuming Too. However, The Wine Test Is The Most Reliable Method To Check Your Pregnancy Confirmation.

Take A Cup Of Wine And Mix It With An Equal Portion Of Urine. Stir The Mixture Properly And Be Patient For 10 Minutes. You Can Now See The Reaction.

If The Wine Changes Its Original Colour, You Can Happily Inform Your Pregnancy Confirmation To Your Close Ones.

If You Have Tried Any Of The Above Methods And Got Positive Results, Try Another Method For Double Confirmation. Consult Your Healthcare Professional As Soon As You Can If You Got Positive Results From The Second Test Also.

Increasing The Accuracy Of DIY Pregnancy Tests:

Given Below Are Some Tips To Enhance The Accuracy Of Pregnancy Test At Home:

Collect The First Urine Samples Of The Day, Because It Has A High Level Of HCG Hormone

Take A Significant Amount Of Urine To Do The Test. You May Not Get Accurate Results If The Quantity Is Too Little

Make Sure The Plastic Container Is Very Clean To Use Before Collecting The Urine

Be Patience For Reaction To Take Place. You Need To Wait For About 10 Minutes

Instead Of Using A Single DIY Method, Try To Repeat The Methods For Double-Checking.

Final Verdict:

Are These Tests Exactly Reliable And Scientifically Proven? Though Homemade Pregnancy Kits Have Been Utilized By Generations With Lots Of History Beyond Their Usage, No Scientific Proof Or Conclusive Evidence Is Available To Prove That These Home Remedies Work Effectively To Give You A 100% Positive Outcome. The Resultant Of Concurrence Can Give You A Good Result.

Besides DIY Pregnancy Test At Home, Some Awareness Methods And Fertility Monitoring Kits Including Tracking Of Ovulation Dates And Measurement Of Basal Body Temperature Are Available To Make A Woman Alert Of Her Pregnancy.

Without Any Doubt, These Modern Kits Deliver You Reliable Results. But, You Need To Have Prior Knowledge And Wait For A Longer Time. For Proper Confirmation, You Better Make Use Of Store-Bought Kit Or Else Approach A Doctor To Get The Test Done As Safely As Possible.

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