How to Increase Immunity In Kids?

Health is wealth” it’s a very famous quote which is here for ages. We human beings know the importance of being healthy, if you aren’t healthy you won’t be happy doesn’t matter how much money you have in your bank account.

Taking care of Health should be the primary priority of every person. If you keep yourself healthy the people around you will also be happy. You will put a positive impact on society if you are healthy.

If you are not healthy, you aren’t productive and efficient at work. That means you won’t be able to give your 100% to your work. Health gives you the surety of being happy.

The importance of being healthy was very much for everyone like adults, but this thing gets more serious and important when it’s about the health of kids and small children. Now you may be thinking about how to increase immunity in kids, don’t worry, we will discuss this in detail later on in this article.

The Health Of Kids And Children

Being healthy is necessary for everyone, but taking care of the Health of kids is a little bit difficult and complicated. Because kids are very much vulnerable to diseases.

If your child is healthy he/she will do the best in every sector of his life. For example, if your kid is healthy he/she can concentrate more on studies to score good marks. On the other hand, your child would be able to play sports also more.

A healthy kid is always physically active in comparison to an unhealthy one. Being healthy would help him to achieve his goals and career more easily in his/her life.

Now as you have known good health is very important for your kid. You must have many questions in your mind like how to increase immunity in kids.

You must also know that generally, the immune system is weaker as compared to adults. Because our body learns and gains experience as we grow up. During growing up the immune system of kids comes into contact with many microorganisms and their body recognizes them and then prepares the kid’s body to fight against them.

Well, the solution to the above question is here. Keeping your child away from diseases isn’t that much hard if know some simple things, tips, and advice. You can consult any pediatrician who will give you every information regarding this.

But, maybe you are too busy taking an appointment with a professional pediatrician. So don’t worry we will give you some of the scientifically proven tips and advice which will help you to keep your child away from diseases.

Before telling you those tips I’m sure you must have been aware of our body immunity. But if you still don’t have that much idea this. We will clarify this also. Our body is a machine that can automatically heal itself in case of any disease and it also protects us from many diseases every day.

You may be thinking about how our body can do this, then let me tell you that our body has a piece of specific machinery for protecting us from diseases. There are WBC, antibodies, and lymph nodes are involved in this complex machinery.

These things work combined to protect us from all the outside microorganisms. Now I’m sure you must have a basic idea of our body’s immune system. So Let’s Move Forward To How To Increase Immunity In Kids.

Add More Green Vegetables And Seasonal Fruits To Their Diet

Wants to protect your kid from the millions of deadly pathogens and microorganisms which are outside. Then the best thing you can do is build their immune system so powerful that most of them can’t affect your kid. We all know that fruits and green vegetables are gifts for all those who want to keep themselves fit and fine.

There are many fruits and vegetables which you can simply add to the diet of your kid to make them powerful. There are plenty of options like carrots, radish, green beans, citrus fruits like oranges, and lemons. All of these fruits contain some of the most vital nutrients like carotenoids, Vitamin C, and many other micronutrients like magnesium, iron, and copper.

The micro-nutrients will help your immune system to identify between the harmful bacteria, pathogens, and microorganisms from the healthy cells.

These vital nutrients are also responsible for the production of white blood cells also known as lymphocytes, virus-fighting cells interferons, and lymph. Having these micronutrients for the long term is also helpful in fighting against fatal diseases like cardiac problems and cancer.

Now as you know the first step of how to increase immunity in kids, just add green vegetables and seasonal fruits daily at least 3 times in your child’s diet.

Increase Sleep Time Of Your Kids 

As adults, we all want to sleep more and more. Most of us don’t want to wake up early in the morning for our regular work or waking till late at night to complete the immense amount of work. But unfortunately, as an adult most of us don’t have the privilege of sleeping for more than 7 hours and whenever we want. That’s why most of the people who sleep less than the required duration are most likely to fall easily.

It is the same for kids. Also, the children who sleep less are more prone to the common cold and flu. But kids have one privilege that they can sleep as much as they want. But most of the kids show negligence in sleeping at the right time. So as a parent, you have to correct the sleep cycle of your kid. Make sure your child sleeps more than 10 hours.

When they are sleeping their body is undergoing self-healing and preparing itself for the battle with the millions of bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms. Recently a study was conducted in which children were divided into two groups, one group was allowed to sleep more than 10 hours and the other group was allowed to sleep only for 8 hours.

After a few months, it has been noticed that the group of children who were sleeping for more than 10 hours are less prone to common cold and flu as compared to the other group of children who were only allowed to sleep for 8 hours.

Now let me tell you according to the doctors the appropriate sleeping duration of kids. An infant needs to sleep more than 14 hours a day while kids less than 16 are advised to sleep around 10 hours.

To improve the sleep cycle of your kids you can tell them bed stories, which will help them in sleeping. Don’t let them use smartphones for any purpose before 2 hours of sleep, the use of smartphones can host the sleep quality of kids.

The blue light emerging from the LCD screens of smartphone screens will imbalance the natural circadian rhythm of the body. Playing soft music in your kid’s room at night and turning off the light will make them sleep more easily.


If you have an infant then nothing can be better for him/her than the milk of her mother. Mother milk is a gift for the infant, mother milk consists of many vital immunoglobulins which will protect the baby from many diseases.

The first yellow milk of the mother which is known as colostrum is completely boon for the baby. This milk doesn’t not Only provides the baby with a safe environment by transferring a load of antibodies into their body but it also helps in building the baby’s immune system so that later on it can protect itself without any external help.

It has been scientifically proven that the vital nutrients present in breast milk protect the baby from many allergies, UTI (urinary tract infection), loss of water in the baby body commonly known as dehydration, prevent Diarrhea. Prolong intake of breath milk will protect the baby from many deadly diseases also like some certain type of cancer and heart disease.

Mother’s milk has also a significant and vital role in reducing the baby mortality rate in simple language: the sudden death of an infant after his or her birth. The nutritional value of the milk helps in the development of brain cells enabling the kid to recognize the deadly pathogens and act quickly on them without delay.

It has been highly recommended by all of the doctors and medical professionals from all over the globe for breastfeeding babies. Due to such immense benefits world health organization has advised that all mother should breastfeed their baby for six months.

If due to any medical complications it is not possible then the duration of breastfeeding should be a minimum of three months not less than that. There is no other option than mother milk for building the baby’s immune system.

The more baby will feed on mother milk, the more he or she will gain resistance against those deadly microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses.

Now you must have got half of your doubts cleared on the topic of how to increase immunity in kids. Let’s make it more clear by a few more tips and then your kid’s immune system will be fully guarded against the germs and pathogens.

Make Your Children Habit To Wash Their Hands Often

A basic hygienic tip, but very much effective. It has been proven that washing your hands regularly can decrease the chance of falling ill of your kid. As you wash your hands all the bacteria and other microorganisms that are present on the surface of your hand get washed away.

In this way, these little pathogens are unable to enter your body. As they won’t enter the body, the immune system of your kid won’t have to unnecessarily fight with them which would save lots of their energy. This simple tip would boost your kid’s immunity power.

Encourage Your Kids To Play Outdoor Games Instead Of Mobile Games Like PUBG 

Playing outdoor games like football, cricket, or many games that keep your kid physically active would boost their immunity power up to a major level. There have been various scientific studies conducted which show that regular involvement of kids in such games can improve the circulation of antibodies in their body which will in the long term surely boost their immune system.

Teach Your Kids To Stop Touching Their Face Often 

Another hygienic tip, which you should keep in your mind as a responsible parent. Teach your kids not to touch their faces frequently as it can lead to the transfer of microorganisms from their hands to their faces which would not be good and can suppress your kid’s immune system. Simple but powerful tip, take care of this.

Protection Of Your Kid From Germs

Germs are everywhere, even on your plate. With the help of a few advice, you will be able to maintain safety. Let me clear that this tip doesn’t have a direct effect on boosting the immunity power, but it would help indirectly for sure.

For example, if you would protect your kid from germs then your kid’s immune system won’t have to fight with them, which will save their energy and will make them ready for more important battles.

Teach your child to carry a handkerchief or tissue wipes with himself or herself while going outside. Make sure that your kid takes shower daily.

Blow your kid’s nose daily morning so that any bacteria which has been stuck in the nasal cavity gets flushed out. Make sure to change their toothbrush within 3 months.

Clean his or her tongue with a tongue cleaner every day to maintain their oral hygiene. If you have any kind of pet in your house, make sure it is properly getting its vaccines.


I’m sure you must have got all your answers and all of your doubts must have been clear on how to increase immunity in kids till now. These were some of the simple but powerful tips which can boost your baby’s immune system to fight against the pathogens. Following all of them would not only ensure the safety of your kids but yours too.

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