How To Increase Immunity By Yoga

Whenever We Think About The Running Nose, Sneezing, Or Coughing, We Blame The Changing Weather For This Phenomenon Or Sickness. But Have You Ever Seen Any Monk Who Is Living In The Cold Caves Of The Himalayas Getting These Symptoms Just Because Of Cold Weather? The Answer, There Is A 99% Chance That You Must Not Have Seen That In Your Life.

Even If You Will Visit The Himalayas, You Will See The Yogis Living There And Enjoy A Healthy Life Without Facing These Common Cold Symptoms. So What’s The Secret Behind This, Well In This Article We Will Discuss Briefly On This Topic So Don’t Get Worried.

Just Make Sure To Read This Article Till The End To Make Sure That You Don’t Miss Any Valuable Information. We Will Discuss How To Increase Immunity By Yoga In This Article.

In Our Country India, Well It’s Just Not About Our Country It’s The Same Scenario In Every Corner Of The Globe. Whenever People Get Sick They Put All Of Their Blame On The Winters Or Cold Climate.

But Actually, It’s Not The Cold Climate, Which Makes The People Sick, It’s Those Little Bacteria, Viruses, And Many Other Diseases Causing Pathogens.

These Microscopic Beings Make Us Sick And Our Nose Running Throughout The Day. Now You May Be Thinking Why These Little Creatures Make Us Sick And How They Can Do This.

We Will Discuss This In Detail Now So You Can Get More Information About Your Body And How These Disease-Causing Organisms Affect It.

Why Does This Microorganism Make People Sick Or Make Them Fall Ill?

All Of These Disease-Causing Pathogens Are Simple Prokaryotic Living Beings. Like All Living Beings, These Creatures Also Need Food To Survive, And As They Are Not Able To Make Their Food. They Feed On Us, These Creatures Are Parasites And They Feed On Our Cells, Not Only Feeding They Use Human Body Cells Also For The Multiplication Of Themselves. The Best Example Of This Is Viruses.

They Completely Live On Our Body Machinery And Later On Use It For Reproducing Their Copies Too. These Microorganisms Are Everywhere On Your Hand, On Your Table, And Even On Your Phone Screen. Their Number Could Be Of Millions On The Surface.

How Do These Microorganisms Succeed In Making Us Fall Ill Or Sick?

Well, Usually They Are Unable To Make Us Fall Ill Because We Have A Weapon Which Can Kill Them All. But We Are Weakening That Weapon Intentionally And Unintentionally Too. Yes, I Am Talking About Our Body’s Immune System.

Generally, There Are Millions Of Germs Around Us Every Time And Everywhere And You Just Cannot Escape From Them. But Due To Our Immune System, They Are Not Able To Enter Our Bodies. As Soon As This Disease-Causing Microorganism Enters Our Body, Our Body Activates Our Immune System In Response To That.

After The Activation Of The Immune System, A Large Number Of White Blood Cells And Lymphocytes Are Released In The Body Which Either Engulfs These Disease-Causing Microorganisms Or Neutralizes Them So That They Cannot Further Harm Our Body.

But All Thanks To Our Modern-Day Lifestyle We Have Weakened Our Powerful Immune System So Much That Even A Little Climate Change Makes Us Sick Nowadays. All Of This Happened Due To Multiple Reasons. Let’s Discuss Those Reasons In Detail.

Lack Of Proper Nutrition 

This Is One Of The Major Reasons Behind Our Weak Immune System. What Would Happen If You Will Not Give Proper Food To Someone But Will Still Work From It? Of Course, His/Her Work Efficiency Will Decrease Due To A Lack Of Proper Food. That’s The Same Thing That Happens With Our Body Also. Due To Our Modern-Day Busy Lifestyle, We Have Become Used To Eating Junk Foods, Skipping Our Meals, And Getting Relied On Hotel Made Foods More Than The Homemade Food. All Of These Habits Have Made Our Body Experience A Lack Of Nutrition. We All Know That Junk Foods Have Zero Nutritional Value. So When We Are Eating Them Our Body Is Getting Very Less Amount Of Nutrition Which Makes It Unable To Produce Strong Antibodies Which Can Fight With All Kinds Of Disease-Causing Microorganisms.

● Lack Of Proper Sleep 

The Major Reason For You Falling Repeatedly Ill, Because Your Body Is Not Getting Proper Time To Make Antibodies That Will Protect You. Our Body Renews Our Immune Cells When We Are In Deep Sleep. But Due To The Modern-Day Lifestyle, We Are Getting No Deep Sleep Or Very Less Amount Of Deep Sleep. That’s Why Our Body Is Not Able To Make Strong Enough Antibodies That Can Fight With All Kinds Of Disease-Causing Microorganisms.

So These Were The Two Main Reasons For You Falling Repeatedly Sick. There Is One More Reason And That Is Taking Too Much Stress. Stress Alone Can Cause A 30% Weakening Of Your Body’s Immune System. When We Have Stressed Our Body Releases Such Hormones That Interfere With The Working Process Of Our Body’s Immune System. Stress Can Also Cause Several Inflammations In Our Body If Persisted For Long.

There Have Been Many Pieces Of Research Conducted Which Suggests That Yoga Is Very Much Effective In Reducing Our Mind Stress And Making It More Pleasant And Calm. Whenever We Fall Ill We Take Lots Of Medicine On The Prescription Of Our Doctor. Taking Medication Surely Cures Our Disease But There Is One Major Thing That Is Unable To Do And That Is Boosting Our Immune System.

Yoga A Natural Gift For All Of Us

When The Medicines Fail To Boost Your Immune System, Yoga Comes In The Scenario. What Our Modern Medicine Cannot Do Is Achieved By Yoga. That’s Why Yogis Living In The Himalayas Remain Healthy And They Don’t Fall Sick Due To The Cold Climate. Now You May Be Thinking About How To Increase Immunity By Yoga. It Has Been Proved Scientifically Also That Yoga Is The Ultimate Way To Get A Powerful Immune System Which Will Keep Those Diseases Causing Microorganism Away From Our Body And You Would Be Healthy.

Yoga Is Perfect For Lowering Our Mind Stress Level. With The Practice Of Yoga, You Can Achieve A Calm And Peaceful Mindset Which Will Stop The Flow Of Any Hormone That Is Causing Inflammation In Your Body. Yoga Not Only Calms Your Mind But It Also Increases Your Appetite So That You Will Not Skip Meals.

Yoga Will Also Help You In Maintaining Your Circadian Rhythm So That You Get A Proper Amount Of Deep Sleep And Your Body Gets Proper Time To Make Those Strong Antibodies Which Are Fully Able Of Keeping Away Those Diseases Causing Microorganism From Your Body. Yoga Also Improves You In Increasing The Strength Of Your Nervous System And Lymphatic System Which Will Ultimately Help Your Body In Eliminating The Toxic Materials From Your Body In The Long Term.

Now As You Have Known The Multiple Benefits About Yoga So Now Let’s Answer Your Question About How To Increase Immunity By Yoga. So Here Have A Look At Some Of The Yoga Positions In Which You Should Try For Your Benefits And Get The Desired Results.

1. Shishuasana (Child Pose Yoga)

This Is A Proven Yoga Posture Or Asana To Help You. So Let’s Have A Look At How To Perform This.

Sit On The Ground By Your Heels.

● Adjust Your Hips On Your Heels Comfortably.

● In The Next Step Bend In The Forward Direction And Try To Lower Your Forehead To The Ground.

● Place Your Arms On The Side Of Your Body On The Ground In That Way So That Your Palms Are Facing Upwards.

● Now Slowly Press Your Chest On Your Thighs.

● Hold On This Position For A Few Seconds And Then Get Back To The Starting Position Then Slowly.

Shishuasan Is The Most Effective Yoga To Improve Your Lung Capacity And Makes It Stronger. This Would Prevent You From Respiratory Diseases In The Future.

2. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana Also Is Known As Bridge Pose Yoga

● To Start To Lie On The Ground On Your Back

● In The Next Step Fold Your Knees.

● Spread Your Legs In A Forward Direction In Such A Way That The Distance Between Your Legs And Your Hip Is Only 10-15 Inches.

● Make Sure Your Knees And Ankles Are In A Straight Line.

● Place Your Arms Sideways On Your Body. Make Sure That Your Palms Are Facing Downwards.

● Inhale Slowly And Lift Your Lower Back Portion Of The Body Followed By The Middle And Then Upper Back Portion Of Your Body.

● Try To Touch Your Chest With Your Chin. Make Sure Your Chin Doesn’t Get Down In This Process.

● Make Your Bottom Back Portion Firm In This Position.

● Make Sure Your Thighs Are Parallel To Each Other In This Position And Are On The Ground At That Moment.

● Push Your Hands On The Ground So That Your Torso Portion Of Your Body Gets An Extra Lift.

● Breathe Slowly And Deeply During This Whole Process.

● Try To Hold This Position For 1 Or 2 Minutes Depending Upon Your Stamina. Exhale Slowly During This.

This Yoga Position Has Been Scientifically Proven To Have Many Positive Effects On Our Hearts Making It Stronger Than Before. It Also Improves The Blood Circulation In Our Body, Which Results In A Powerful Immunity Because We All Know All Antibodies Are Present In Our Body. It Also Increases The Internal Energy Of Our Body. You Must Have Got Answers To Most Of Your Questions Till Now Regarding How To Increase Immunity By Yoga. Let’s Clear Some More Doubts In Your Mind Regarding This Topic. We Will Also Look At Some Tips That We Should Take Care Of While Doing Yoga Or Before Doing Yoga And At The End Of This Article.

3. Halasana Is Popularly Known As Plough Position Or Yoga Too

● Lie On The Ground On Your Back.

● Lay Your Hands On The Ground Too In Such A Way That Your Palms Are Facing Downwards.

● Inhale Slowly And As You Breathe The Air You Lift Your Legs From The Ground Using Your Stomach Muscles Also Known As Abdominal Muscles In Simple Language.

● Live Your Legs With The Help Of Abdominal Muscles At The Angle Of 90 Degrees Vertically.

● Breathe The Air In And Out Very Deeply And Calmly. You Can Support Your Hip Portion Of Your Body By Using Your Hands. You Can Also Choose To Support Your Back By Using Your Hands If You Are Getting Difficulty In This Position.

● Make Your Legs Spread Your Head At An Angle Of 180 Degrees. Keep Doing This Until Your Toes Touch The Ground.

● In The Next Step, Make Sure Your Back Is Perpendicular To The Ground.

You Will Find It Very Difficult To Practice This Yoga Posture After A Few Days Of Starting. But With Practice, You Will Get Used To It And You Will Become More Flexible Also With Practice. So Finally You Will Find This Yoga Posture Not That Much Difficult After A Few Days Of Practice. So Don’t Stop Trying This Yoga Posture At Starting, Just Because You Are Finding It Difficult To Do It. Always Remember Practise Makes A Man Perfect. Avoid Getting Down Quickly From This Posture As It May Cause Neck Sprains Which Would Be Painful.

In The Long Term, Halasana Can Improve Your Thyroid And Thymus Gland Working Result In An Improved Immune System Of Your Body.

Few Tips Which You Should Take Care While Practicing Yoga: –

● Try To Practice This Yoga In An Open Place.

● Always Do All Of Them In An Empty Stomach?

So These Three Were The Major Asanas Of Yoga Postures Which Will Improve Your Immune System And Have Many Other Benefits Too. Practice It Daily For Your Desired Results. Remember Things Take Time To Start Working You Would Not Notice In Just A Few Days. Try It At Least For 2 Weeks And Then You Will Notice The Surge Of Energy In Your Body. I Hope You Have Gotten All Of Your Answers Regarding How To Increase Immunity By Yoga.

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