How To Increase Immunity By Fruits

The Covid-19 Virus Infects More Than 16 Lakhs Of People. Till Now, There Is No Vaccine Developed To Protect People From This Contagious Virus. The Only Way To Protect One Is By Boosting Immunity.

There Are Various Ways Through Which One Can Increase His Or Her Immune System. However, This Article Mainly Focuses On The Different Types Of Fruits That You Can Add In Your Daily Diet For Boosting Your Immune System.

What Is Immunity?

Immunity Means Protecting You From Something So That It Does Not Bother You. And It Is Said Kids’ Protection Is Not Very Strong As Compared To Adults. Therefore, It Is Necessary To Take Care Of Their Immunity So That It Does Not Bother Them In The Coming Future.

For Example, If Your Body Is Immune To Heat, Then Heat Cannot Harm You. The Immune System Needs To Be Strong Because It Helps In Fighting Diseases.

Kids Are Prone To Touching Everything, And At This Age, They Are Growing Up Their Immunity. And Have You Ever Thought The Door Your Kid Has Reached; How Many Viruses And Bacteria Might Be There. These Things Affect The Kids Sooner. The Viruses And Microbes That Because
The Disease Is Known As Pathogens.

Why Is It Essential To Boost Immunity In This COVID- 19 Times?

COVID- 19 Virus Affects The Lungs And The Necessary Immunity Of A Person. It Is Researched That If A Person’s Body Is Immune Than Recovery Is High. Still, If Immunity Is Weak, Then The Recovery Is Low. And Kids Have A Smaller Immune System; Therefore, It Is Necessary To Keep The Kid’s Immune System Healthy.

This Concept Is The Same With Any Disease, And You Frequently Fall Ill If You Do Not Have An Excellent Immune System. So To Grow Your Immunity, There Are Certain Things You Need To Follow. There Are Certain Healthy Habits One Should Inherit In Children As A Parent Because It Will Keep Children Healthy At A Certain Age And Keep Them
Secure And Fit In The Future.

Some Habits To Boost Kids’ Immunity

Serve More Fruits And Vegetables To Kids: Some Foods Are Immunity-Boosting Nutrients Known As Phytonutrients. These Have Carotenoids. The Meals Are Strawberries, Oranges, Carrots, Green Beans, Etc. Phytonutrients Build Up The Body From Fighting The Diseases.

The Diet Rich In Phytonutrients Helps Fight Diseases Or Chronic Illnesses Like Heart Disease Or Cancer. Give Your Children The Servings Of Fruits And Vegetables In Five Divisions.

Sleeping Time

These Days, It Is Seen In Adults That Those Who Are Deprived Of Sleep Have More Risk Of Getting The Disease, Which Means The Immunity Is Lowering Down. It Kills The Natural Killer Cells, Weapons Of The Immune System.

Children Should Get Proper Sleep Like Infants Should Take 16 Hours Of Nap, Toddlers Should Take 11 To 14 Hours Of Sleep, And The Pre-Schoolers Need 10 To 13 Hours Of Sleep. A Sufficient Amount Of Sleep Helps Them To Grow Well.

Breastfeed Your Baby

Your Baby Should Be Breastfed For At Least Six Months Because Breast Milk Has Turbocharged Immunity-Enhancing Antibodies And Also White Blood Cells. Therefore, Breast Milk Is Essential For Children, If Not For Six Months, But Should Be Given For At Least Three Months For Better Growth.

It Acts As A Nursing Guard Against Allergies, Ear Infection, Pneumonia, Urinary Tract Infections, Diarrhea, Meningitis, And Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Breast Milk Can Enhance Brain Power And Protects From Insulin-Dependent Diabetes, Certain Cancers, Colitis, Etc. The Yellow-Colored Breast Milk That Is Released Is Rich In Fighting Diseases.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising Activates The Natural Killer Cells Inside The Adults, And Some Regular Activities Can Increase Their Immunity. Inherit The Habit Of Exercising Daily With The Kids, As It Will Form A Habit And Continue It Further. Do Fun Activities With Them Like, Hiking, Bike Riding, Playing Basketball Or Tennis, Inline Skating, Etc.

Guard Them Against The Spreading Of Germs: Fighting Germs Do Not Boost Immunity But Reduce The Stress In Children’s Immune System. Teach Children About Healthy Habits Like Washing Hands With Soap Often And Especially When They Are Going To Have Food.

And This Can Be Done Only If You Practice The Same In Front Of Them. Keep Special Attention To Their Hygiene, When They Go Out To Play, Blow Their Nose, Play With Pets, Reach Home From Daycare, And Use The Bathroom.

You Need To Teach Them Well About Every Hygienic Habit. It Is Said The Mother Is The First Teacher Of A Child Who Teaches Them Everything. You Should Carry Wipes To Clean Their Hands.

Stop The Second-Hand Smoke

If You Or Your Spouse Is Smoking, Then Quit. There Are Various Harmful Chemicals In Smoke That Kill The Cells In The Body, And Kids Are More Prone To Get Infected Earlier Than The Adults. Second-Hand Smoke Or Passive Smoking Can Increase The Risk Of Asthma, Bronchitis, Or Ear Infections In Kids. And In Case You Cannot Quit, Then Make A Habit Of Smoking Outside The House.

Avoid Giving Antibiotics To Your Child: Every Time Your Child Has Flu Or Cold, You Start Giving Medicines, But Every Time It Is Not A Good Idea. Try Judging Your Child’s Body And Bring Healthier Habits Into Them That Increase The Immunity Because Antibodies Will Cure The Symptoms But Will Not Make Your Child Healthy.

Fruits That Increase The Immunity In Kids


They Are A Good Source Of Vitamin C And Antioxidants. Vitamin C Is Known For Its Immunity-Boosting. Vitamin C Is Also Useful For Cells As They Prevent Cell Damage. It Also Increases The Production Of Collagen And Helps Lower The Level Of Cortisol, Stress Creating Hormone. Therefore, One Should Always Have Oranges In His/Her Diet.


This Fruit Is A Rich Source Of Antioxidants That Helps In Fighting Inflammation. In Some Medical Studies, It Has Been Showing That This Fruit Helps In Blocking Viruses. They Are Also A Good Source Of Flavonoids.


It Is Useful In Vitamin B, Potassium, And Folate. It Should Be Served To Children To Keep Off Common Ailments And Increase Immunity.


It Is A Refreshing Fruit And Loved By Children. It Is A Fruit That Causes No Harm In Children. It Contains Antioxidants That Keep Away The Infections.


Berries Are Rich In Antioxidants; Therefore, It Should Be Included In A Child’s Diet. Grains Reduce The Oxidative Effect On Children And Maintain Proper Health. You Can Serve Your Child With Beans In Lunch Or Breakfast Or Any Other Meal.

Acai Berry

They Are Black-Purple Fruit, Which Is Exacted From The Acai Palm Free In Brazil And Some Parts Of South America. They Are A Rich Source Of Anthocyanins Which Are Antioxidants. The Acai Berry Is Quite A Good Antioxidant And Is A Good Simulator Of The Immune System.

Grape Fruits

They Are Also An Excellent Source Of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, And Fibre. All These Help To Boost Immunity In Humans. Grapefruits Are Also Suitable For Eyesight And Heart As They Are Low In Calories. They Are Also Rich In Water As 88% Of Them Consist Of Water Only, Which Helps Boost Immunity.

Blue Berries

They Are A Good Source Of Antioxidants. Consumption Of This Fruit Helps In The Reduction Of Inflammation And Symptoms Of Cold And Cough.

Citrus Fruits

Fruits Like Lemon And Orange Are Rich In Vitamin C, Forming White Blood Cells. It Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties, Anti-Bacterial Properties, And Are Full Of Antioxidants.

Kiwi Fruit

It Is Rich In Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Folate, Potassium, And Vitamin K, Which Boost Immunity. It Gives Strength To Your Body And Is Sweet For Your Children To Consume Quickly.


It Is A Great Immunity Booster With The Precious Components Of Vitamin A And Vitamin C. An Anemic Person Can Also Have It And Increase The Immunity.


Coconut Helps In Maintaining The Body Temperature In Summers. It Is The Best Fruit To Boost Immunity And Should Be An Essential Health Ingredient For Better Health.


We Are All Versed In The Statement “An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away” It Seems To Be True Because It Helps Fight Infections. Give An Apple To Your Children Every Day And Keep Them Healthy. It Is Rich In Useful Vitamins And Minerals.


It Is Right In Vitamin A And Vitamin C As It Is The Sensational Fruit To Boost Immunity. You Can Consume It Very Often And Give It To Your Children For Better Immunizer. You Can Mix Strawberries In Curd For Good Taste And Effective Results.


It Is Known As The King Of Fruits And Is A Seasonal Fruit Available In Summers. Kids Enjoy Having Mangoes Because Of Its Delicious And Sweet Flavor. Mango Has Various Minerals And Vitamin A That Are Good For Multiple Health Benefits.


It Is Useful In Vitamins And Minerals And Has The Right Amount Of Magnesium, Antioxidants, Potassium, And Also Vitamin B6. It Should Be Included In Your Kid’s Diet For Good Health And Boost Immunity.


It Is A Good Source Of Vitamin C, Vitamin B, And Antioxidants. Children Are Benefited With Its Vitamins To Fight Against The Diseases. They Are Also Useful In Cancer-Fighting And Diabetes And Even In Liver Diseases.


Including Fruits In One, A Daily Diet Is Essential. Not Only Do The Fruits Boost Immunity, But It Also Helps In The Overall Health Of Humans. The Fruits Are A Good Source Of Vitamins And Fiber.

The Fruits Help In The Reduction Of Chronic Diseases, Improve Health, And Helps In Repairing Our Damaged Cells. Apart From Above-Stated Fruits, There Are Various Other Fruits And Non-Fruits Items That Help In Boosting Immunity. Another Way Of Boosting Immunity Is To Ensure Plenty Of Sleep, Drink Lots Of Water, And Wash Hands Properly.

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