8 Weight Gaining Foods For Babies | All New Mom Must Know

The Bonding Between A Baby And A Mother Happens During Nursing With Love. It Is Not Only When Breastfeeding, But It Is Also When Feeding The Baby Weight Gain Food. The Beautiful Journey Of Bonding Between Them Grows By Introducing New Foods To The Baby That Needs To Be Enjoyed By Mother And Baby.

Weight Gaining Foods For Babies

After Getting The Hang Of Breastfeeding, Mothers Are Concerned Over The Weight Of Their Babies. It Is One Of The Biggest Challenges Faced By Most Of The New Moms, And This Weight Gaining Problem Can Extend Into Toddlerhood And Even Into The School Years Kids. So Here We Listed Out Some Of The Foods That Can Increase Your Baby’s Weight Gradually.

Breast Milk:

Breast Milk Is The Best Source For A Baby Until One Year To Gain Weight. World Health Organisation Recommended Breastfeeding For Your Baby Exclusively For The First Six Months And Frequently After Six Months.

While Breastfeeding, Mothers Should Make Sure To Empty One Breast Before Moving To The Next. The Reason Is That The Milk Baby Gets At The Beginning Of The Feeding Is The Thinner Foremilk, And The Fat-Rich Milk Comes After That.


Ragi Is A Popular Baby Weight Gain Food That Is Widely Given In South India. Ragi Is Rich In Protein And Calcium Which Is One Of The Best Weight Gaining Foods For Babies. Ragi Is A Good Source Of Dietary Fibre, Protein, And Vitamins Such As B1, B2, And B6.

Sprouted Ragi Powder Contains Nutritious Values In Double The Amount Because Sprouting Makes The Nutrients In Ragi More Bio-Available, So That Babies Will Be Able To Absorb The Nutrients Even Better.


Bananas Are The Most Popular First Foods For Babies For A Variety Of Reasons Among Mothers. Bananas Are Naturally Sweet, Can Be Mashed Easily, And Don’t Need To Cook. They Act As Excellent Travel Food For Babies And Kids. Being An Energy-Dense Fruit Makes It Ideal For Baby Weight Gain Food To Improve Health Easily And Also It Provides Dietary Fibre, Potassium, As Well As Minerals And Vitamins.


Avocados Are Also Known As Butter Fruit, Avocado Is A Fruit Which Contains Numerous Health Values So That It Is Recommended By Nutrition Experts Across The World. The Creamy Buttery Texture Of The Avocado Makes It Palatable And Healthy Fats Improve Good Growth And Development In Babies.  Avocado Can Be Introduced After Six Months Of Age And After One Year As Milkshakes And Smoothies.

Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet Potatoes Are One Of The Excellent First Foods For The Babies Which Can Be Given From Six Months Of Age. Sweet Potatoes Are Low In Saturated Fat But High In Dietary Fibre, Potassium, Magnesium And, Vitamin B6 Also Contains A High Amount Of Vitamin A And C In It.

Dry Fruits:

Dry Fruits Include Energy-Dense Almond, Pistachio, Fig, Cashew Which Are Non-Fattening. Dry Fruits Are Powdered And Mixed With Almost All Foods, In Other Forms, It Can Be Given Are Almond Milk, Dry Fruit Snack Bar, And Dry Fruit Laddu.

You Can Also Make The Dry Fruits Powder At Home With Recipes Or Order Homemade Dry Fruits Powder Available Online And In Stores. Please Note That Dry Fruits May Cause Allergy For Some Babies, So Follow The Three Day Rule While Introducing New Foods For Babies.

Cow Milk:

Milk Is The Healthiest Food For Babies Over One Year, With A Single Cup Of Milk Having Multiple Benefits Of Nutrients. Remember That Babies Under Twelve Months Cannot Digest Milk Easily. So Whole Milk Is Only Recommended For A Child Above Two.

The Fat In Milk Is Essential For Physical And Mental Growth. Two Servings About A Cup Of Milk Or Yogurt A Day Are Ideal For Kids Under The Age Of Four. Dairy Products Such As Cheese And Yogurt Are A Baby Weight Gain Food If It Is Used Judiciously.


Ghee Is One Of The Best Foods For Weight Gain Adding Several Other Health Benefits. Ghee Contains About 32 Percent Of Healthy Fats That Help Improve Brain Development In Kids. Ghee Is Also An Anti-Inflammatory And Is Good For The Immune System.

Ghee Can Be Added To All Food Once The Baby Turns Seven Months Old. Start With A Few Drops And Slowly Increase The Quantity, Taking It Up To A Spoon Per Meal. Sometimes Ghee Can Be Very Heavy For The Baby, So Use It In A Moderate Amount.


Paneer Is A Form Of Indian Cottage Cheese Especially Used As An Alternative To Animal Protein. All Types Of Cheese Can Help The Baby To Gain Weight, Which Also Contains Important Nutrients Such As Calcium, Phosphorous, And Selenium.

Paneer Can Be Given To Babies After Eight Months. It Can Be Given In Many Ways, Simply As Finger Food, Mixed With Pieces Of Fruit And Vegetables. Paneer Recipes For Babies Can Include, Fried Paneer Cubes Or Flavoured Paneer, Cubes. Make Your Paneer At Home For The Best Results As Baby Weight Gain Food.


Eggs Can Be Given For Babies After Eight Months Of Age, Which Are Little Powerhouses For Nutrition. A Whole Egg Contains Lots Of Protein, Chlorine, Iron, And Fat Also Adding Other Vitamins And Minerals That Are Needed For The Overall Growth And Development Of A Child. It Is Best To Start With The Yolk First Since The Egg White Can Cause Allergies For Some Babies Later Introduce The White Gradually Over Time.

The Egg White Is Very Easy To Cook And Can Be Included In A Variety Of Recipes Is One Of The Major Advantages. Eggs Are High In Proteins And Saturated Fat So That It Can Be Boiled Or Scrambled, Or Just Tossed Into Any Other Dish.


Even Many Moms Know What Foods They Should Feed To Their Babies For A Healthy Weight Gain, They Are Sometimes Confused Trying To Figure Out How To Introduce Them In Your Baby’s Diet. Especially If Your Baby Is Under One Year Of Age And You Don’t Know If He Or She Is Ready To Take Such Foods So Early. Keep Away From Guesswork And Googling Unnecessarily, We Here Listed Out A One-Stop Solution For All Your Baby Weight Gain Food.

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