All you want to know about 8 month pregnancy

Being pregnant for a woman is a thing of pride. A woman considers being pregnant as a noble thing, as this is giving birth to a new life. Women consider this as a thing of their dignity.

When the first time any female gets pregnant only things she has in her mind are how things will be in the next months until she gives birth to the youngest one in this world.

A pregnant woman thinks about her child and how she will raise her when he/she will come into this world. Pregnancy brings lots of happiness in the life of them. But pregnancy has its complications too.

How does pregnancy start?

It is a matter of common sense and we are all aware of this, a woman only gets pregnant after having sexual intercourse with a male partner. During intercourse, the male partner ejaculates sperm into her vagina. From there the sperm swims it’s the path to the uterus and then to the fallopian tube. The fertilization occurs at the fallopian tube. When sperm fuses with the ovum it leads to the formation of zygote.

What is a zygote?

A zygote is a diploid cell, which is formed by the fusion of male sperm and female ovum. After the formation of the zygote, it converts into an embryo which embeds into the wall of the uterus. Embryo gets its nourishment from the wall of the uterus. Embryo gets nurtured and grows there in the uterine wall.

Journey of pregnancy

It’s a long journey of pregnancy, which is almost 9 months. There are three parts of pregnancy or we also classify it as 3 trimesters. Each trimester brings a lot of change to the baby and mother. The baby’s body changes and develops after every trimester and not only the baby’s mother’s body also undergoes many changes. This journey is long but this is one of the most beautiful journeys for every woman out there in this world. This is one of the most precious moments every woman waits for in their life.

8 month of pregnancy

If you are in the 8th month of pregnancy then congratulations you have almost completed your journey and there are only a few days left for the birth of the baby. It’s almost the end of pregnancy, and just after a few days, you will have a baby in your arms. 8th monthlies in the third trimester, the third trimester is one of the most important periods for pregnancy. Because during this period the baby gains weight and develops almost completely. That’s why these last months are very hard for most women. They feel more exhausted and nauseated. They also feel heavier than before. But this all comes to an end after the birth of the baby. So we will talk about everything about the 8-month pregnancy here, from symptoms to diet. As it is the end of the pregnancy it needs more attention than the rest ones.

Symptoms at 8 months of pregnancy

Like the other months of pregnancy, the 8th month of pregnancy has also its symptoms which we are going to discuss here. These symptoms are seen in most of the women who are passing through the 8th month of pregnancy. There are various symptoms so one doesn’t need to feel all of them.  Symptoms can vary from one female to another. Symptoms can also be triggered or inhibited due to any medication taken during the pregnancy. So let’s talk about the symptoms of 8-month pregnancy in brief and detail.

  • Feeling hard to breathe

In the 8th month of pregnancy, the baby is almost grown up, he/she increases its size and weight. This leads to the increment of the size of the uterus of the pregnant woman. Due to the increased size of the uterus of pregnant women the abdominal area gets tightened. This leads to the pushing of the stomach towards the Lungs by the uterus. And due to all of this, it gets very hard to take a proper breath which leads to the shortness of air often.

This problem can be solved easily by keeping your posture straight as much as you can. Don’t sleep or stand in improper postures as it may worsen the situation. This problem of shortness of breath automatically gets resolved after the delivery of the baby. After the delivery, the uterus returns to its normal size and the lungs get back their space so they start breathing normally.

  • Bleeding gums

During pregnancy, the blood circulation inside the body of pregnant women increases very much. Due to the so much blood pressure, it can often lead to bleeding gums. Generally, this problem is solved automatically but if it continues for a long time then it can cause problems and you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.

This problem can be solved by taking the proper amount of vitamin C in your diet. Vitamin c helps in the problem of bleeding gums and is very effective in stopping them.

  • Haemorrhoids

Another problem due to the increased blood circulation. Due to the increased blood circulation, the veins get enlarged which may lead to itching or even pain in some cases. When all of these things start happening around the rectal portion then it is called haemorrhoids in the medical term. It is one of the most common symptoms or problems faced by pregnant women during pregnancy. This is caused because during pregnancy the uterus starts applying pressure on the veins which leads to the restricted blood flow to the lower portion of the pregnant woman’s body.

Haemorrhoids can be avoided by taking a diet full of fibres and drinking lots of water. Fibres smooth the digestive tract, which leads to the easy disposal of waste from the body. Follow all the things suggested by your doctor during pregnancy to avoid haemorrhoids. If somehow haemorrhoids happen then you should rub the ice pack to get relief from it. You can also choose to take a warm bath. It also feels very good during pregnancy.

  • Varicose veins

Again the problem due to the increased blood circulation, this time it is usually seen on the legs of pregnant women. Almost all pregnant women go through it or feel this during their pregnancy. You might be thinking what varicose veins are, in simple words we can say it is called enlarged veins.

During pregnancy, veins get enlarged and start appearing from the skin. It generally looks bluish. It might get itchy around them and you might also feel sore and uncomfortable. But they are completely harmless and they won’t cause any pain or complications. So you don’t need to panic about them. To get relief from them you can try to keep your leg elevated as much as you can. This reduces the blood circulation in the veins in the legs and you will feel comfortable.

  • Cramps

Generally, cramps are common during pregnancy and it starts from the third trimester. But in the 8th month, it causes a lot of problems for pregnant women. Even medical professionals are not sure what causes these cramps during pregnancy. To avoid such cramps you should consult your doctor for some stretching exercises. It will help you a lot.

These were the common symptoms that are often seen during pregnancy. There are many more symptoms but they greatly vary from person to person and may also get triggered or inhibited due to the other factor rather than pregnancy so they are not that many reliable symptoms of the 8-month pregnancy.

Diet during the 8-month pregnancy

Having a nutritious diet is the most important thing during pregnancy. Having good nutrition is necessary because you are not just eating for yourself you will have to feed your growing baby too. For the growth of a baby, you will need lots of healthy and vital nutrients. If you will not have proper nutrition during the pregnancy it might create complications in the future for you as well as the baby. Not getting sufficient nutrition while being in the uterus might affect the physical growth of the baby and can cause malnourishment in them.

These are the things that should be in the diet of the pregnant woman.

  • Protein-rich food
  • Fibers
  • Food items containing folic acid
  • Seasonal vegetables
  • Seasonal fruits
  • Staying hydrated
  • Vitamin C

Exercise during the 8 months of pregnancy

Doing any kind of exercise during this period is not advisable. It can affect the health of you as well as your body. So it is always better to take rest during this period and avoid doing any kind of heavy work. Having a good sleep during this period of pregnancy is recommended and it also calms you and your mind. You can do yoga as it will also help you in calming your mind and your senses. Yoga will also not put any kind of physical strain on the body so it can be practiced without any problem.

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