5 Months Of Pregnancy | Know The Symptoms, Diet & Exercises

Congratulations Mums-To-Be! The 5th Month Of Your Pregnancy Has Come And You’re Halfway There! Your Baby Is Rapidly Growing And You Must Be Patient While Waiting For The Birth Of Your Baby. To Accommodate The Growing Infant And Making Some Room, Your Body Will Keep Undergoing Many Changes.

Though The Body Of Each Mom-To-Be Changes In Various Ways During Pregnancy, By The Time You Are 5 Months Pregnant, Your Baby Belly Will Be Pretty Noticeable. You Will Be Adapting To The Physical Changes. This Month, Which Come With An Increasing Bump And Your Shifting Centre Of Gravity.


Swollen Feet May Be Triggered By Pregnancy Weight Gain, Fluid Retention, And The Pregnancy Hormone Relaxin. In Preparation For Childbirth, Relaxin Loosens The Muscles In Your Body And It Also Loosens The Joints In Your Feet, Letting Your Feet Stretch. Any Of The Swellings May Be Relieved By A Cold Foot Bath. Also, Putting Your Feet Up Could Help.

Your Posture Can Begin To Change At Five Months Pregnant As You Adapt To Your Growing Belly. Your Centre Of Gravity Changes As Your Bump Rises. This Can Create Some Pressure On Your Lower Back, As To Accommodate This Extra Weight And Your Changing Body Shape, Your Muscles Have To Work Extra Hard. Try Exercises That Strengthen The Muscles Of Your Back And Make Sure You Sit With Good Back Support In Chairs Or Prop A Pillow Behind You. Get Support From Your Healthcare Provider If Your Back Pain Is Causing Too Much Discomfort.

Your Blood Supply Will Shift As Your Little One Develops, Resulting In Less Flow Of Blood To Your Brain. When You Stand Up Or Unexpectedly Shift Places, This Can Cause The Woozy Feeling. Be Patient And Take It Slowly, And When You Feel Dizzy, Stop Getting On Your Feet.

A Larger Bump Will Make Finding A Comfortable Sleeping Position More Difficult. For Additional Help, Consider Lying On Your Side With A Pillow Between Your Knees And A Pillow Under Your Belly. Daily Exercise Can Help You Get A Better Night’s Sleep, Such As Walking, Swimming, Or Prenatal Yoga And Taking A Soft, Relaxing Bath Before Bed.

It Is Likely This Month You Will Begin To Feel These “Practise” Contractions. These May Make Your Abdomen Feel Like A Slight Tightening Or More Severe Cramping. Later In The Day, Or After Exercise Or Sex, You Are More Likely To Experience Them. You Can Often Be Uncertain Whether Braxton Hicks Or Actual Labour Contractions Are What You’re Feeling. Usually, If You Switch Or Change Places, Braxton Hicks Will Go Away, But If You Are At All Unsure About What You Experience, Contact Your Healthcare Provider.

Heartburn Is An Unwelcome Pregnancy Symptom, But It Continues Throughout The Pregnancy. As The Baby Grows And Develops, It Will Put Pressure On The Internal Organs, Forcing The Contents To Move Back Into The Oesophagus. The Muscles Separating The Oesophagus And The Stomach Often Begin To Relax, Allowing Stomach Acid To Penetrate The Oesophagus Leading To Heartburn.

In Many Pregnant Women, Fluctuating Pregnancy Hormones Can Lead To Increased Development Of Melanin, Causing The Skin To Darken At Different Locations. In The Form Of A Mask, The Skin Usually Darkens Around The Forehead, Lips, And Nose. The Mask Of Pregnancy Is Another Name Colloquially Known For This Condition.

In The 5th Month, Most Pregnant Females Experience An Increase In Appetite. Food Cravings And Aversion To Certain Foods May Also Develop.

While Pregnant, Some Women Experience Gestational Hypertension, Which Results In High Blood Pressure. The Issue Of High Blood Pressure, However, May Happen At Any Time After The 3rd Month Of Pregnancy.

Due To A Higher Pulse Rate And Heart Rate, Some Women Suffer Heart Palpitations.

Owing To Higher Levels Of Oestrogen Contributing To Bleeding Gums, Some Pregnant Women Experience Pregnancy Gingivitis (Swollen, Tender Gums).

Due To Elevated Progesterone Levels, Bowel Movements Are Becoming Difficult. Constipation Is Caused Due To This Noticeable Increase In Progesterone Levels. The Sharpness Of Vision Can Be Adversely Affected By Hormonal Changes. Under The Skin’s Surface, You Will Typically Find Prominent Veins. Stretch Marks Arise Due To The Stretching Of The Skin.

The Nipples Will Grow Darker, And The Glands Of Montgomery Will Enlarge As Well. A Shift In The Centre Of Gravity Can Impact Your Balance When Walking. You Can Feel Trouble In Breathing As The Uterus Puts Pressure On Your Diaphragm. Headaches Can Also Be Triggered By Hormonal Changes. Baby Puts Pressure On The Bladder As The Development Occurs, Which Could Make You Want To Urinate Regularly. Hormonal Variations Result In Changes In Mood And Cravings For Food.

Diet During 5 Months Of Pregnancy

One Of The Most Valued Moments In The Life Of A Woman Is Certainly Motherhood. Perhaps This Is The One Turning Point Every Woman Longs For And Wishes For. To Keep Her Own As Well As The Baby’s Health In Top-Notch Shape, The Mother Must Eat Right.

It Is During This Time That A Woman Has To Be Very Careful And Strict About Her Diet. You Would Need To Eat At Least 347 Additional Calories A Day During Your 5th Month And Gain About 1 Or 2 Pounds Of Weight. These Calories Need To Come From Sources Of Protein And Calcium. Do Whatever You Can To Stop Getting Fatty Ingredients, Starch, And Carbohydrates From Them.

Things To Include In Your Diet

  • Water
  • Protein-Rich Foods
  • Salad
  • Fruits
  • Green Veggies
  • Wholesome Grains
  • Vitamin C Rich Foods
  • High-Fibre Food Content
  • Calcium-Rich Foods

Things Avoid In Your Diet

  • Fizzy Drinks
  • Papaya, Pomegranate And Pineapple
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Caffeine
  • Fatty Food
  • Fish-Containing Mercury
  • Herbal Teas And Supplements

The Baby’s Organs, Such As The Brain, Heart, Kidneys, Liver, Etc., Have Already Taken Their Preliminary Form By The Time A Woman Completes The 5th Month Of Her Pregnancy. The Further Production And Growth Of These Organs Are Part Of The Course Of Pregnancy. During This Process, The Senses Also Begin To Develop. Their Skin Is Also Beginning To Thicken.

To Have A Healthy Physical Appearance, The Baby Needs Loads Of Nutrients. Bad Stuff, Or Rather Unhealthy Foods, On The Other Hand, Will Hamper The Infant. This Is Why It Is So Critical In The Fifth Month Of Pregnancy Diet To Be Conscious Of What To Eat And What Not To Eat.

Study The Nutritional Value Of The Food You Consume Daily To Try To Find Out How Much You Need To Consume Each Day And, If Any, What Portion Of Your Diet Needs To Be Altered. Set Up A Meal Schedule For Yourself To Ensure That Your Body Gets The Right Amount Of Nutrients Your Baby Needs To Develop. Consult Your Doctor On Any Food Products You May Be Allergic To In Your Meal Plan And What You Should Replace Them With. If You Feel The Need To Munch On Something, Pick Dried Fruits, Nuts And Seeds. In Between Meals, You Can Also Have Baby Carrots And Other Vegetables As Snacks.

Exercises During 5 Months Of Pregnancy

You Will Continue Doing The Same Exercise Now If You Exercised Before You Were Pregnant. Rather Than Attempting To Achieve Optimum Fitness, The Objective Should Be To Sustain Your Current Level Of Fitness.

Any Activity That Makes The Heart Pump Faster Is Aerobic Exercise. This Involves Fast Walking, Swimming And The Numerous Music Lessons You Do. Start Slowly And Progressively Work Up To A Maximum Of 4 Half-Hour Sessions A Week If You’re New To Aerobic Exercise.

Cycling Is An Outstanding Aerobic Exercise With Low Impact. Your Balance Will Shift As Your Bump Rises, However, Which May Mean That You Are More Likely To Fall Off. If You’re Used To Cycling, You Should Be Safe To Carry On, But It Might Be Safer To Keep Off Your Bike Or Move To A Stationary Bike Until After Your Baby Is Born If You Start Feeling Less Comfortable Than Normal. It Is Fine To Use A Stationary Exercise Bike At The Gym Or As Part Of A Group Session.

Pilates Seeks To Improve Equilibrium, Strength, Flexibility And Posture. It Will Help Your Body Cope With Carrying Your Growing Baby’s Extra Weight, As Well As Brace You For Childbirth And Then Recover.

Walking Is A Perfect Base For Health For Pregnancy And If You Feel Relaxed, You Can Do It For The Entire Nine Months. Walking Is Easy, And On Your Doorstep, It’s Open. Walking Is A Great Way To Start If You Are Not Used To Exercising.

Yoga Is An Exercise That Focuses On Well-Being, Both Mental And Physical. It Uses A Variety Of Positions In The Body (Called Postures) And Exercises For Breathing. Pregnancy Yoga Utilizes Methods Of Relaxation And Breathing With Postures Tailored For Pregnancy.


Your Baby Becomes More And More Active During The 5th Month Of Pregnancy, Mostly In The Evenings. At The Start Of This Month, You Will Be Able To See Your Baby Moving And Then Kicking. Your Baby Will Settle Into A Normal Schedule Of Operation And Sleep By The End Of The Month.

You Are In The Second Trimester Of Pregnancy At 5 Months Of Period. This Month Marks The Spurts Of Development In Your Little One, And The Belly Of Pregnancy Is Also Visible, Signalling That It Is Time For A Makeover Of The Wardrobe. The Instincts Of Hunger Now Outweigh The Morning Sickness.

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