2 Month Pregnancy Diet Food, Exercise, Symptoms

Most Of The Women Can Experience The 2-Month Pregnancy Just Through Nausea And Fatigue. The Hormonal Setting, Which Baby Wants To Grow, Will Adversely Affect You As You Can See Visible And Subtle Changes Both Physically And Psychologically.  When You Are In The First Trimester, You Need To Keep In Mind That This Discomfort Is Only Temporary. You Are Going To Take Your First Step In Giving Shape To Your Little One’s Life.

What To Expect During 2nd Month Pregnancy?

Since The Pregnancy Symptoms Tend To Increase In Intensity And Frequency, You Will Find A Chance To Get Devastated During The Second-Month Pregnancy. Furthermore, You Should Take Care Of Your Health Because The Possibility Of Having A Miscarriage Is Very High At This Time.

Symptoms Of A 2-Month Pregnancy

Signs And Symptoms Of 2-Month Pregnancy:

  1. Frequent Urination:

Your Visits To The Bathroom Are Getting Increased. You Want To Pee Every Hour Due To Irritated And Pressurised Bladder. Practising Kegel Exercises Helps You In Avoiding Frequent Urination.

The Situation Becomes Worse When You Experience Pain And Fever During Urination. You Are Advised To Consult A Doctor In Order To Prevent Urinary Infection.

  1. Increase In Breast Size:

The Breasts Are Very Gentle To Touch, Look Fuller, And Sometimes, They Are Painful Too. This Is Due To Changes In Hormones. The Nipples Turn Out To Be Dark In Colour.

The Translucent Skin Makes The Capillary Structure Far More Visible. Technically, The Structural Architecture Of Women Breast Is Changing Throughout The Pregnancy.

  1. Nausea And Digestive Related Problems:

Mostly, Every Pregnant Woman Experiences Morning Sickness In Common. However, The Symptom Increases During The First Trimester. Even Though The Symptom Confirms That Your Pregnancy Is Thriving, It Is Not Exactly Pleasant To Feel Sick Around The Clock.

Discuss The Issue With Your Doctor Who Can Offer Recommendations To Alleviate The Symptoms.

  1. Thirst And Hipersalivation:

The Frequent Urination Would Enhance Your Thirst. Your Body Wants The Additional Fluids To Make An Amniotic Environment Where Your Baby Grows Perfectly.

Drinking A Sufficient Quantity Of Water Helps The Kidney In Cleaning The Blood Flow Of Maternal’s Mother. It Effectively Eliminates Organic Waste And Increases A Baby’s Development.

Since Changes Happen In Your Saliva Composition, It’s Time To Feel A Metallic Taste In Your Mouth. You Can Get Rid Of This Particular Taste By Taking Candies Made Of Ginger Or Enjoying Chewing Gums.

  1. Exhaustion And Insomnia:

You May Continuously Feel The Tiredness. Even Though You Make Best Efforts, You Can’t Able To Sleep. So, It Is Important To Control The Fatigue And Be An Active Mother. To Manage The Situation, The Best Way Is Taking Short Naps At The Day Time. Considering Prenatal Workouts Will Also Help You In Tonus.

  1. Gas, Constipation, And Heartburn:

To Deal With Constipation, Introducing Fibres In Your Diet Is Important. To Avoid Bloating, Eat Slowly And Chew The Food Properly. Stay Away From Carbonated Drinks And Greasy Food.

Try To Eat Small Meals Many Times To Make Digestion Easy. The Hormonal Changes Cause Heartburn. Avoiding Friend, Salty, And Spice Foods Are The Best Bet To Have.


Diet Plan For 2 Months Of Pregnancy

What You Should Include In The 2nd-Month Pregnancy Diet?

The Diet Should Help In Supporting The Baby Development. Most Of The Women May Have Difficulty In Eating And Drinking Due To Pregnancy Symptoms Like Morning Sickness. Worry Not And Instead, Try To Consume The Best Possible Nutrients. Give Below Are Some Essential Food Nutrients That You Must Include In Your First-Trimester Pregnancy Diet.


  • You Should Start Taking In Foods Rich In Iron And Folic Acid.
  • Calcium Is Another Significant Mineral You Need To Include Because The Foetus Bone Starts To Harden This Month. Adding Enough Calcium In Your Diet Protects You From Future Osteoporosis.
  • Usually, Calcium Is Present In Dairy Products. Make Sure Your Everyday Menu Includes Two Glasses Of Milk And Other Milk Products Like Cheese And Yoghurt.
  • Vegetables Including Broccoli, Lettuce, Cabbage, Turnip, And Leafy Greens Have Very High Calcium Content. Future Mothers Can Also Consume Tofu As The Best Calcium Food.
  • Taking An Almond Nut Daily Offers Calcium Of 70-80 Mg.


During The First Trimester Period, Taking The Extra Protein Is Always Welcome. Including Any Of The Given Below Items In Your Everyday Menu Increases The Protein Intake.

  • Chicken And Turkey
  • Eggs
  • Whole Grains
  • Lean Meat
  • Seeds And Nuts Like Cashew, Almonds, Walnuts, Peanut, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, And Sesame Seeds.
  • Legumes Like White Beans, Kidney Beans, And Black Beans Help In Meeting The Daily Needed Proteins.
  • Food Materials Prepared Of Soya Bean Are An Excellent Source Of Protein So That Add Lentils In Your Diet Chart.


  • Oatmeal Has Fibre And Calcium In It So That Helps You In Constipation
  • Take A Whole Orange Fruit Or Its Fresh Juices Daily As It Is Rich In Calcium And Vitamin C. Most Importantly, The Tangy Flavour Of The Fruit Helps To Reduce The Symptoms Of Morning Sickness. You Would Also Get A Refreshing Effect.
  • Banana Is An Important Source Of Potassium, Iron, Folic Acid, Fibre, Vitamin C And Vitamin B6.

Food To Avoid In 2-Month Pregnancy:

  • Stay Away From Beverages Having Alcohol And Caffeine Because Chances Are High To Get Food Poisoning.
  • Likewise, You Should Eliminate Soft Cheese, Meat Spreads, Unpasteurized Milk Products, And Raw Eggs From Your Menu.
  • It Is Better To Avoid Packaged Drinks And Junk Food Throughout Your Pregnancy
  • You Should Not Include Foods, Which Are Too Sugary And Salty.

To Maintain A Balanced And Healthy Diet, Try To Prepare Meals At Home. Give More Preference To Fresh Food All The Time. However, You Can Occasionally Buy Some Healthy Dinner Options At The Store. Don’t Forget To Read The Labels Before Buying. Opt Only For Dishes, Which Have Sodium And Fat In Less Proportion. Take Plenty Of Water To Keep You Protected From Dehydration Because Of Frequent Urination.

Exercise For 2 Months Of Pregnancy

Is It Essential To Work Out At 2 Months Of Pregnancy?

Exercising Seems To Be An Excellent Way To Improve Your Overall Health Both Physically And Mentally. To Enjoy A Safe And Healthy Pregnancy, Try Out Low-Impact Workouts Like Yoga, Walking, And Swimming. With Regular Exercises, A Pregnant Mother Can Reap Of A Myriad Of Health Benefits Including:

  • Improved Sleep And Mood
  • Kick-Off Morning Sickness
  • No Stress And Anxiety
  • Say Goodbye To Fatigue
  • Haemorrhoids And Constipation Under Control
  • Risk-Free Childbirth
  • Maintain A Healthy And Balanced Weight

If Pregnant Women Have The Regular Exercise Routine, They Are Less Prone To Undergo Caesarean During Delivery.

Best Workouts For 2-Month Pregnancy:

  • Jogging And Walking:

Walking Is The Best Workout For Pregnant Women. However, Make Sure The Walking Surface Is Even And Flat To Promote Relaxation And Overall Health. Always Prefer A Natural And Peaceful Setting For Walking.

Having A Few 10-30 Minute Walk Is Enough For Your First Trimester. However, Make Sure That You Wear Correct Clothing And Footwear.

  • Water Aerobics And Swimming:

These Are Low-Impact Workouts That Help To Get The Right Oxygen Supply And Blood Flow.  They Also Develop Your Muscles And Enhance Their Flexibility

  • Yoga:

Practicing Yoga Does Not Only Let The Body Much More Stretchable But Also Increase Your Body Strength. With Yoga Practice, You Will Be Able To Learn Some Cognitive Skills Like Mediation And How To Control Your Breathing. However, You Should Practice Yoga Poses That Give More Strain To Your Body.

  • Pilates:

If You Want To Improve Your Body Balance And Core Strength During Pregnancy, Pilates Is What You Need To Practice. Usually, No Pregnancy Is Seen Without Weight Gain. This Workout Helps You Cope With Weight Gain.

  • Use Of Low-Intensity Weights:

Though Weight Lifting Is Not Recommendable For A Pregnant Woman, She Can Safely Lift Some Modern Weights. In Addition To Maintaining Body Weight, You Can Increase Your Overall Welfare Too. Don’t Overstrain Your Body During The Second-Month Pregnancy.

  • Stationary Cycling Or Spin Classes:

Pregnant People Should Never Go For Standard Cycling Because It Is Not A Superior Option. Instead, You Can Practice Spin Classes Or Cycle On A Stationary Bike.  Here Are Some Of The Safety Tips You Can Consider When You Start Exercising At The Time Of Pregnancy.

  • Drink Enough Water
  • Wear Shoes That Are Resistant To Slips And Falls
  • Don’t Wear Tight Clothing
  • Work Out To Achieve Your Preset Goals
  • Keep Heart Rate Under Control
  • You Better Take Rest Or Stop Exercising As Soon As Your Body Feels Tiredness

At The Time Of The First Trimester, Make Your Habit To Work Out Regularly. You Are Always Recommended To Go For Low-Impact Exercises Like Yoga, Water Aerobics, Swimming, And Walking. If Possible, You Can Prefer To Include Some Energetic Workouts In Your Routine Like Jogging And Running.

Though Doing Workouts Is Good For Your Health, Consult A Doctor Beforehand If You Want To Start Any New Workout Routines. If Possible, Hire A Personal Trainer Who Guides You When To Increase Or Decrease The Workout Intensity For Having A Safe Pregnancy.

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